Ian + Stephanie

Ian and Stephanie's love story began on a chilly Denver evening on the 22nd of January, 2019.

Their first date started at the local film society watching an indie movie. That special night continued to include a walk under the stars and a late night of talking, laughing, and connecting over tea at a local coffee shop. It ended with a promise of another date.

Over the next several months, the dates continued and the conversations grew deeper. They had conversations about family and their importance, weaved in during long walks in parks and strolls through museums. Discussions of beliefs and values naturally happened over cooking competitions, playing cards, and browsing through bookstores. Talks of the future occurred while listening to shared playlists and long car rides to new destinations.

In late 2019, they adopted a rescue pup and as their family grew, their love multiplied. They moved in together and they moved across the country together. They leaned on each other once a pandemic took hold the first week in their new city. Stephanie shared her sense of humor and Ian learned to share his food. It became clear that life was so much better when they were with each other. Over the Labor Day weekend, Ian proposed to Stephanie at the top of one of her favorite hikes in Colorado, back in the place where they met.




We are excited to share that our story will continue when we marry on the anniversary of our first date. The wedding will be 1·22·21 and it will be limited to what is required at a courthouse. Using this website, we wanted to share our story and our wedding plans with our loved ones and friends in a way that includes everyone, stays true to ourselves, and keeps everyone safe. We will not have a traditional gathering, but hope that the future holds space where we can celebrate it with you in different ways. We are blessed for having you in our lives and look forward to the time ahead.

With love,
Ian + Steph